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Why It’s Vital to Buy Made in the USA in 2022

Made in the USA

Why It’s Vital to Buy Made in the USA Products Made in the USA When you purchase products, do you search for a “Made in the USA” logo? Many American consumers feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when they purchase from American businesses. That good feeling isn’t the only reward, either. Buying American-made products[…]

Is this our last Independence Day America? #246

Independence Day America

Today marks the 246th year of Independence Day America. 246 years since the founding fathers sealed the Declaration of Independence. Happy Birthday America! You have been through a tremendous amount of strife since you first began. We have known peace and no war for a mere 15 years of the 246 years. Why? Freedom will[…]

Honor and Remember D-Day 78 years ago


D-Day Today marks 78 years since the US Army invaded the beaches of Normandy in the fight against evil that was rampaging through Europe. This was the largest invasion ever assembled and it came at great cost: life. Many young American soldiers would perish on this day. Sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers acted courageously to[…]

A letter for those who can’t speak for their ultimate sacrifice

Honor the fallen's sacrifice

Sacrifice “Though I am no longer physically with you, my memory should never die out. I didn’t serve to receive an honor but my sacrifice has become trampled on. This great nations sons and daughters, husbands and wives, and fathers and mothers are wondering…was it a mistake?” We give these great American’s one day —[…]

The Constitution Was Created for Such A Time As This, Stop The Tyrannical Administration

The Constitution and your Freedom

The Constitution and your Freedom! The American Revolution, the U.S. Constitution, and this moment today. Three distinct events throughout history that have or will change the trajectory of our nation’s future. When colonials had enough of Great Britain’s attempts to control the colonies, war ensued. After the seven years of war was over, the U.S.[…]

To our Veteran Family, We Must End 22

Two veterans saluting the flag

Veterans Day comes once a year for the calendar, but for many, if not most veterans, it is something we live daily. It is hard to surrender a part of our lives that was a major contributor to carving out the men and women we are today. Serving in the Armed Forces was more than[…]

Independence Day is 245 Years Old and We are at A Tipping Point on This : Patriots Rise Up!

Independence Day Sparkler 2021

As we enter into our nations 245th year since the Declaration of Independence (DOI) was ratified, we are faced with rapidly dissolving times in our country. Rights are being infringed upon around every corner we look. There is blatant tyranny coming out of Washington D.C. through the current federal government, as well as many of[…]