Honor and Remember D-Day 78 years ago



Today marks 78 years since the US Army invaded the beaches of Normandy in the fight against evil that was rampaging through Europe. This was the largest invasion ever assembled and it came at great cost: life. Many young American soldiers would perish on this day. Sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers acted courageously to fight for FREEDOM!

Although this was already in the midst of World War II, the invasion was a massive 156,000 allied troops. The invasion came from the sea and from above by more than 13,000 airborne troops. I still remember running and singing cadence at Ft. Benning, Georgia during Airborne school. The history and sacrifice of these warriors was and is very impactful in my life. I wanted to be worthy of their sacrifices and not fail these men when and if the time came for me to stand in the face of evil.

Instead of taking a political stance today, I want to honor the brave that went to fight for the world across the “pond”. Most of those men that survived have already passed away, leaving us with a small percentage of those amazing heroes. As the number lessens each year, at some point, they all will be part of history. We still honor them through our efforts and continue what they started. Every year, every month, and every day; not just today.

Men of D-Day, thank you for fighting for me, long before I was born. You sacrificed for my life and yet I have only known a few of you. You have always impressed me when I have had the opportunity to meet one of you. Your perspective on life and your love for our country. I can only hope to leave this world with the legacy you have. I will always be forever grateful and forever indebted to you. You were our nations greatest generation. We owe it to you on this day and the years to come to carry on your sacrifices.

May you rest in eternity. To those I have met before I will see you in eternity and we will all lace up those jump boots together.

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