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Why It’s Vital to Buy Made in the USA in 2022

Made in the USA

Why It’s Vital to Buy Made in the USA Products Made in the USA When you purchase products, do you search for a “Made in the USA” logo? Many American consumers feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when they purchase from American businesses. That good feeling isn’t the only reward, either. Buying American-made products[…]

Independence Day is 245 Years Old and We are at A Tipping Point on This : Patriots Rise Up!

Independence Day Sparkler 2021

As we enter into our nations 245th year since the Declaration of Independence (DOI) was ratified, we are faced with rapidly dissolving times in our country. Rights are being infringed upon around every corner we look. There is blatant tyranny coming out of Washington D.C. through the current federal government, as well as many of[…]