Why It’s Vital to Buy Made in the USA in 2022

Made in the USA
Why It’s Vital to Buy Made in the USA Products

Made in the USA

When you purchase products, do you search for a “Made in the USA” logo? Many American consumers feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when they purchase from American businesses. That good feeling isn’t the only reward, either. Buying American-made products is an essential part of boosting the national economy and supporting American jobs. Even better, buying from domestic companies guarantees that your products come from manufacturers that follow American labor laws and manufacturing requirements.

Instead of navigating through foreign regulations, you can rest easy knowing your product adheres to the country’s high standards of quality. If these perks aren’t enough, know that buying domestic products is an eco-conscious choice. Purchasing domestically helps lower emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. From sustainability to national pride, there’s no understating the importance of buying American-made products. Learn more about the benefits of purchasing domestic goods with this overview.

Made in the USA
Made in the USA

Improving America’s Economy

It’s not hard to figure out that purchasing American products boosts the American economy. However, it’s not always easy to understand the real-life benefits of this. Supporting the domestic economy means supporting local economies. When you purchase from American companies that create their products domestically, you support a business providing jobs for American citizens. More jobs mean more people can put money into their local economies. This boost in circulation is part of a chain reaction that leads to more investments in local economies, increased tax revenue, and growing job opportunities throughout the country. The industry you supported will also grow, leading to more job opportunities within that field.

Supporting Future Business Investments

Supporting the national economy has long-lasting effects that will continue to benefit future generations. Manufacturing companies and the jobs they create have declined in the United States for the past several years. Your purchasing decisions affect the balance of supply and demand. By increasing the demand for American-made products, you pressure companies to keep their manufacturing efforts inside the country. In short, buying American-made products means putting money into the American manufacturing industry. This helps give domestic manufacturing a chance to regrow and provide jobs for future generations of workers. The benefits don’t stop there, either. When domestic manufacturing booms, the demand for other domestic services—like construction and energy—increases. Prioritizing American products means prioritizing American businesses and creating opportunities that will continue to benefit citizens for years to come.

Lower Trade and Budget Deficits

Those who pay attention to global trade and economies know that the United States faces a looming trade deficit. What does this mean? As a country, we import more than we export. This leads to unsustainable borrowing and debts to other countries. Simultaneously, the negative federal budget deficit continues to build steeper national debt and strain the domestic economy. Supporting domestic businesses helps tackle both these issues.

As mentioned above, purchasing Made in the USA products increases the demand for domestic products. This creates and encourages more exports, which will reestablish balance in American trade. Furthermore, the boost from supporting domestic businesses and the jobs they create puts more money into the national budget. Thriving domestic businesses means more jobs. All of these things stimulate the economy and help reduce the national debt.

In just the last 10 years the United States has lost out on approximately $2 trillion in cumulative trade deficits with China alone. Had that $2 trillion of forfeited production taken place in America, it would have generated — based on a conservative 30 percent tax rate — $600 billion of national revenue and created millions of jobs in the United States. And that is just getting us to a trade balance, so we can quickly dismiss accusations of protectionism.


Decreased Transportation, Increased Sustainability

The economy isn’t the only thing that benefits from supporting domestic businesses. American-made products are also great for the environment. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the biggest involves reduced emissions. When you purchase a product overseas, it must travel a long way before it reaches your door. It doesn’t matter if the product travels by truck, train, plane, or boat. The long journey burns fuel—a non-renewable resource—and releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Domestic products take a much shorter journey from the manufacturer to you, so buying and shipping domestically drastically decreases your carbon footprint.

Domestic Environmental Regulations

Even without the decrease in carbon emissions, American-made products are frequently more environmentally friendly than their foreign equivalents. This is because American manufacturers must adhere to state and federal environmental regulations. Not every country follows environmental and pollution restrictions as strict as those in the United States. American-made products come with the guarantee that the manufacturer meets American standards. From cleaner manufacturing practices to health and safety product regulations, American-made goods are a responsible and environmentally friendly option for consumers.

Safer Labor Laws

Like environmental regulations, American manufacturers must also follow domestic labor laws. Many countries lack safe and standardized labor laws. When you purchase from foreign manufacturers, you might purchase from a place with no set minimum wage and unsafe working conditions. While this isn’t always the case, it’s much harder to know about the kind of business practices you’re supporting when you purchase foreign goods. When it comes to purchasing from companies with fair and safe conditions, you can’t overlook the importance of buying American-made products. Crucial American regulations like child labor laws and OSHA regulations allow you to purchase products with peace of mind. Furthermore, buying domestically decreases the demand for foreign products that come from unsafe or unlawful conditions. Support fair, safe, and humane labor by purchasing from companies that adhere to domestic labor laws. Made in the USA!

The labor standards that might be covered by a trade agreement fall along a continuum from those that focus on basic human rights to those that stress working conditions and pay. On the whole, the case for the former is more persuasive. Insisting that other nations respect workers’ right of free association reflects our moral view that this right is fundamental to human dignity. Workers may also have a “right” to a safe and healthy workplace, but that right comes at some cost to productive efficiency. Insisting that other nations adopt American standards for a safe and healthy workplace means that they must also adopt our view of the appropriate trade-off between health and safety, on the one hand, and productive efficiency, on the other.


Quality Standards You Can Trust

You deserve the best products on the market, and American companies can provide them. Qualified workers, health and safety regulations, and other American manufacturing requirements result in high-quality products that consist of high-quality components. Purchasing American goods means purchasing products and materials that do the job right.

Products with a “Made in the USA” sticker are durable, reliable, and effective. While overseas trade includes monitoring for quality, it’s harder to truly determine the worth of a product when it doesn’t have to comply with American standards. Moreover, the United States’ manufacturing industry has a history of excellence. Generations of skill, passion, and expertise are the foundation of today’s manufacturers. When you buy from American businesses, you know your product features superior levels of craftsmanship and care.

Let us bring back the pride to owning something that can truly stand by the statement of Made in the USA!