Is this our last Independence Day America? #246

Independence Day America

Today marks the 246th year of Independence Day America. 246 years since the founding fathers sealed the Declaration of Independence.

Happy Birthday America! You have been through a tremendous amount of strife since you first began. We have known peace and no war for a mere 15 years of the 246 years. Why? Freedom will always take sacrifice and the world doesn’t want to see us free. I am often asked when I think we will no longer have to fight. My answer…in short…never. There will always be corruption and weak people and that combination always threatens freedom at every turn.

George Washington with the FAFO power drop

What does freedom look like? Well it isn’t when the government makes a law telling you that you must wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. It isn’t when you are being taxed into oppression to pay for corrupt politicians and special interests. It isn’t having to do a pointless background check when wanting to purchase a gun protected by our 2A rights…and certainly it isn’t when we have a sitting President trying to remove the very rights that are given by God and further to be protected from a constitution that is meant to be absolute.

Independence Day America

We are American. That alone is the only thing that you need to know when it comes to being exempt from tyranny and the government. We are the people…they are the elected meant to serve us and protect our Constitutional rights. We have this day to celebrate and remind ourselves of our freedom and independence. But the fact is we should be living and celebrating it 365 days a year. If anyone thinks otherwise then they should have two options: shut up or leave.

As a veteran, I want to live peace more than anything in my life, but we can no longer sit by and let the travesty going on in our country continue. It is time we put action behind our words. There must and will be more great cost and sacrifice to right the wrongs that we have allowed to whittle away at our current state of affairs in the US and abroad.

The Constitution

What will it cost us here on our soil? The American Civil War, had an average of 449 deaths per day with a US population of just over 31.4 million people. In contrast the War in Afghanistan had a total of 2,432 American deaths over a 20 year span. Do we really want to be divided any longer and let the puppet masters control us? Our casualty count in the future would make the civil war look like a play date…and if that is the future freedom is still worth fighting for. Freedom to live, love, and worship. That is what is at stake.

We stand and fight with you

This is America; where the stars and stripes and the eagle flies. We are the last chance; the light in a dark world. So on this Independence Day in 2022, Stand STRONG and tall when you see Old Glory flying. Thank those who have served and fought for your liberty today. Make a personal resolution and prepare to risk it all for the cause of FREEDOM!🇺🇸

America’s Founding Documents/ Declaration of Independence

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