Independence Day is 245 Years Old and We are at A Tipping Point on This : Patriots Rise Up!

Independence Day Sparkler 2021

As we enter into our nations 245th year since the Declaration of Independence (DOI) was ratified, we are faced with rapidly dissolving times in our country. Rights are being infringed upon around every corner we look. There is blatant tyranny coming out of Washington D.C. through the current federal government, as well as many of the liberal ran states and cities. We had a revolution with Great Britain to be free people!

The men who signed the DOI did so knowing that they were signing a warrant for their very lives. At what point do we take what many would consider a radical response to the current traitorous acts of our current government?

What does it mean to be an American? It means you have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It means you have protections and rights given to you from God and protected by the US Constitution. It means that you are exempt from tyranny from all levels of government and that you, in fact, are a free person. You are “American Exempt!”

For most of us here, you are born free and you need not apologize for that; for millions of others, they have earned those rights by becoming a naturalized US citizen. These rights and freedoms have been blood purchased on the battle field here on our own land and around the world. Sacrifices were made so that we may live free and free indeed we will live!

As we begin our venture in business as American Exempt, our name is more than just a brand. It is who we are as people. It is what we live with every breath given from God from birth until we enter eternity with our last. We are men and women who embody all the sacrifices made and we will continue to stand on those in gratitude and live out our calling by supporting the patriots that call this land home.

What does it mean to be free, to live with independence? Freedom from outside control or support. I would imagine most people would like to not live controlled, but then again the way many are acting in these times I might be wrong.

Independence Day must live up to its name! Let the world see you LIVE FREE and LOVE INDEPENDENCE!

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