To our Veteran Family, We Must End 22

Two veterans saluting the flag

Veterans Day comes once a year for the calendar, but for many, if not most veterans, it is something we live daily. It is hard to surrender a part of our lives that was a major contributor to carving out the men and women we are today.

Serving in the Armed Forces was more than just an experience or a time of life; it was a sacrifice we knew either from the moment we raised our hand and took our oaths or very soon after — when we were in training and someone was in our face screaming. We quickly developed a new culture, one that was rich in heritage and made us feel a deep sense of pride in ourselves and this blessed nation we call home.

This past year has been a bitter pill to swallow for so many veterans I personally know and talk with. From the way we left Afghanistan, to the freedoms we are seeing become eroded before our very eyes. I sit here writing this and question how we have arrived at this moment. Are our sacrifices in vain? Is time and holding the line going to prove that we didn’t fold, but again we answered the call to push back against the machine that has forgotten us.

Thank a Veteran today and everyday!

I want to speak directly to my veteran family; no matter what branch you served in, your service was not in vain. It was for a purpose; no matter how big or small. You matter and what you did needs to be respected and appreciated.

Like many veterans, I don’t always have a good answer to the “thank you for your service”, comments I often receive. I didn’t do it to be thanked, but to serve and be part of something bigger than myself; and just like I told my father in-law this morning over text, I would do it again a million times over….I just would have liked to skip that one airborne jump that took me out of the game.

I will sign off with saying this. No matter what things come our way, remember that we took an oath to protect this country and our Constitution. That means anyone or anything that threatens our freedom and right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. God has given us these rights and it is the veteran who has defended it for centuries and it will continue to be the veteran for centuries to come. You matter and America still needs you!

All the best and Happy Veterans Day,

American Exempt

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